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Wooden Disney Themed Toy Boxes by Donna Salazar

Hello my peeps! Today I'm sharing photos of a couple toy boxes that my daughter in law (Adriana) and I made for the grand babies. We originally were just going to paint these boxes a single color. We went with a teal blue for Hunter, just because we love the color, and we went with yellow for Christopher to match all of his Winnie The Pooh decorations and nursery items. I was getting ready to paint the trim on the top of the box and my daughter asked me to make Christopher's trim red so it would be even more matchy matchy with the Winnie The Pooh decor. Then we realized that Hunter's box was the color of Sully from Monster's Inc (which Hunter LOVES) and with some collaboration from both my daughter and daughter in law, we came up with a plan for the two boxes. I'm so happy that I had EVERYTHING that I needed already. All the paint that we used was from DecoArt and I also used the 4" round gel plate from Gel Press.

The boxes had deeply embossed writing on them that we had to totally sand off. Adriana and I, plus my son, Zack, all took turns getting them sanded down. It was the hardest part... LOL!

We decided to add green trim to the top of Hunter's box to represent Mike Wazowski and added purple dots with the Gel Press round plate to simulate Sully's fur. I found a font on called "Monster AG" for Hunter's name and a font called "A little Pot" for Christopher's name. I printed the names backwards and used the Photo Transfer Medium to transfer the names onto the boxes. I used a black marker to clean up the edges after it dried. I printed up a Hunny pot graphic and decoupaged it onto Christopher's box with Matte Medium and I also used the Matte Medium to seal the names onto the boxes.

I used a white paint pen to add in some detail in the eyes for Hunter's name.

I used a black felt marker to draw in some bees and dotted lines to finish Christopher's box.

Thanks so much for stopping by! Smooches ~D~

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