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Fancy Schmancy Notebook by Donna Salazar

Hello my peeps! Today I'm sharing a FREE tutorial for making this really cool notebook from a children's hardback. Below is the project that I'm sharing today. I decoupaged the cover and added prints that I made on the Gel Press with stencils from Stencil Girl as well as some butterflies that I die cut using my Cascading Butterflies die from Spellbinders.

I started by taking apart several mini yellow legal pads and I used a two hole punch in the top.

These fit perfectly inside a hard back children's book.

I made sure I had enough to fill the book.

After I distressed the edges, however, there were extra pages. So you can keep that in mind when you are figuring out how many paper pads to use.

I cut a couple pieces of chipboard and used the two hole punch in those as well.

I decoupaged the outside of the book with old book pages.

I decoupaged just the edges and spine of the inside of the book with old book pages.

I used white acrylic paint to dry brush over the book pages on the outside...

and on the inside.

I adhered a couple pieces of distressed cardboard over the inside front and back of the book cover.

I then adhered one of my favorite Gel Press monoprints over the cardboard pieces.

I used my Mix'd Media Inx in Vintage to ink over the white paint and added just a touch of brown to the edges using Mix'd Media Inx CHOX in Sparrow.

I adhered another of my favorite prints to the outside front and back of the book cover.

I decoupaged a few butterflies and added a little doodling with a brown Sharpie pen.

I used rivets to adhere old denim belt loops to the outside edges of the book cover as well as 4 on the spine to keep the 3 pieces of seam binding in place, then I slipped the seam binding through the belt loops.

On the inside right cover I used the cardboard as a guide to help me punch the holes for the note paper.

I added large eyelets to the holes in the back cover.

I covered one of the chipboard pieces with denim and added eyelets to the holes.

This piece of denim will go on top of the stack of note paper.

I added fabric glue to the ends of a thick piece of cotton string then colored them with pigment powder.

I thread the stiffened ends through the denim strip as well as all the note paper.

I tied the string in a bow at the back. This makes the cover re-usable so I can add note paper at any time by just untying the bow to add more.

This is what the inside of the note book looks like.

This is the finished book.

And here are some more pictures of the finished project.

Product Used


Cascading Butterflies

Gel Press

12x12 Reusable Gel Plate

Stencil Girl

Damask Medium


I hope you enjoyed this tutorial! Thanks for stopping by! Smooches ~D~

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