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Custom Jewelry by Donna Salazar

Hello my peeps! Sorry for being MIA lately. I've had my grandson quite a bit during Summer break which was only a week. He is enrolled in Summer School but then he got a little cold and spent several days with grandma as I was giving him lots of loves to make him feel better.

My work table looks so different lately because I've been working on lots of custom jewelry orders... but don't worry... I'll be back with my hands in paint really soon! In fact I'm teaching a live monoprinting class at Pages In Tyme in Mission Viejo this Friday night. You can call the store for more info: 949-455-0555.

But in the mean time... here are some photos of the jewelry I've been making. The first three photos are for a "Family" necklace with 5 kids and 3 grand babies... add in the two parent names and there are a total of 10 names!!! She wanted it to have a beach feel so I added natural stones in beach colors and even some shells.

These three necklaces are for my high school best friend. She is getting married next month and got these necklaces for her two daughters and her fiance's daughter. Isn't that the sweetest thing? I really loved the idea and I'm going to make some of these for me and my sisters too!

These two bracelets are also for my friend's wedding. Her nieces will be singing and she wanted to get them a special gift. With such unique names it's almost impossible to find jewelry with their names... unless you go this route and have total control over what goes on the jewelry. By the way... if you were wondering about the XO, she always signs an XO after her name. I think that adding it to these cuffs makes it extra personal.

I made this bracelet for my daughter, Genna. We started calling her "Angelfishy" because in the movie "The Little Mermaid" the sea witch, Ursula, calls Ariel "Angelfish" and for some reason we started calling Genna Angelfishy because of it... LOL!

This is a bracelet I made for myself. It is a Disney quote from one of my favorite Disney movies, "Meet The Robinsons". It is inspirational, shares my love for all things Disney, and is pretty cool all at the same time!

Well... that is all for now! I hope that you are liking my new jewelry posts. If you are interested in a custom piece you can e-mail me at

Thanks for stopping by! Smooches ~D~

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