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Grandpa's Table by Donna Salazar

Hello my peeps! Today I'm sharing some photos of the table top that I refinished. This table was made by my grandpa (on my dad's side). Until I was 9 years old we lived next door to my grandparents and one of my earliest memories is of me running down the sidewalk, into my grandparents house, straight to their bedroom and then jumping into my grandpa's arms while he was sitting on the edge of his bed. I remember the light coming through the window that he was facing, that he was looking dapper in slacks and a collared shirt, and that the bed and room were nice and tidy. I don't have any memories of him being really sick or his funeral... just this one memory. I was just a toddler when he passed away so I'm happy that I at least have this memory of him.

I do have a lot of memories of their kitchen table. Every time we went next door to grandmas she had us sit at the table and wanted to feed us (anyone with a Filipino grandma knows what I'm talking about). She'd always say, "Eat, eat... I'll make you something" and many times it involved her frying up some spam and rice. So when my parents had this table refinished for Danny and I for our wedding, it was a big deal. That was back in 1989. My kids grew up using this table. We used it for meals, homework, baking, wrapping presents, and it was my crafting table for many years, so you can imagine how "loved" this table looked.

Now my kids are grown, I have a grandson who lives with us and another grand baby on the way. I finally decided it was time to refinish the top of the table. I've been wanting to do it for years and it has especially been bugging me since we repainted the kitchen and got new appliances. I sanded down the top and the sides of the table and the 3 leaves that extend the table out (the table can be a circle or extend to a long oval).

I painted a thick coat of Varathane Wood Stain in Carbon Gray and let it sit for a few minutes...

Then wiped it with a clean, dry cloth. You can see some of the imperfections that I left to keep some of the table's character. I did another coat after this one. The finish was dry after only 1 hour but we left it outside for a few hours to let it air out.

Here is a close up of some of those imperfections and you can get an idea of the final color of the table top too.

I left all of the table legs as they were so it would still match our chairs but also because there are memories that I didn't want to sand away. Some of the legs were used as a scratching post by our cat that passed away several years ago. He was the BEST cat that we ever had. He was beautiful, loved people, and acted more like a dog than a cat. He just had this one bad habit of scratching the table legs.

This is a photo of the underside of the table. There is crayon, pen and pencil "artwork" that is priceless. I think I should probably write the kids names so that when this table is handed down future generations will know who the artists where... LOL!

This is a side view of the finished table top that is the most true to color. You can also see a bit of our cabinets that were recently painted gray and the table matches really well.

Here is another view of the table.

I hope you liked hearing about the history of my grandpa's table and the before and after photos.

Thanks for stopping by! Smooches ~D~

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