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Mixed Media Canvas "Intention" by Donna Salazar

Hello my peeps. Today I'm on an airplane to Phoenix... on my way to the annual Craft and Hobby trade show #Creativation2017.This is a re-do on a canvas I made last year. It was for a class at CHA so I couldn't get too crazy with it. When it was done there were a lot of techniques that I liked but the finished project wasn't something that I would put on my wall. So I altered it up a bit and made it the canvas with my Word Of The Year on it... and it is now hanging proudly on my wall with my other artwork.

This is what the canvas originally looked like.

I've got the original instructions for making the canvas below and then close up photos of what my finished canvas now looks like at the end.

*Die cut the butterflies and frames from book pages using the Cascading Butterflies die. Decoupage them to the canvas using Girlie Grunge Medium (diluted to 2 parts medium 2 part water).

*Decoupage strips of Girlie Grunge Gauze to random spots on the canvas.

*Dry brush white acrylic paint over the entire canvas

*Add some color to the edges of the canvas with acrylic paint

*Blend and lighten the paint with a damp towel or baby wipe

*Add Gold Pigment Powder over the gauze

*Stamp the corners of the canvas using Mix'd Media Inx CHOX and the Flower Bouquet Stamp.

*Die cut the 1 of largest of the Bitty Blossom flowers and 1 Big Blossom out of the same patterned cardstock and cup each petal with a dry embossing stylus.

*Fold 3 flower stamens in half and wrap the Bitty Blossom Die around them.

*Cut the ends off at the base of the flower, add a Dodz to the circular tab of the die cut and fold over to secure the flower in place.

*Add a Dodz Medium to the pointed end of the Big Blossom

*Adhere to the outside of the first flower and wrap around.

*When you reach the end add a Dodz XL to the circular tab of the Big Blossom and fold over to secure the flower in place.

*Use an embossing stylus to curl the outside petals outward.

*This is what your finished flower should look like.

*Roll a bit of book paper and tie with some Girlie Grunge Twine in whatever color you like best.

*Die cut background wings and detailed wings out of patterned card stock. Adhere the detailed wings to the background wings at the inside corners with Dodz Medium.

*Add Premium Double Sided tape to the back of the wings and the back of the rolled book paper.

*Adhere the wings to the canvas. Stamp and die cut the crown from the Art Doll Accessories Stamp set and add more Premium Double Sided Tape to the back of the crown.

*Add more adhesive over the gauze in the corner to adhere the tag with your title.

So that is how I made the canvas originally... then I changed things up a bit. I took away the tags and added a different tag (trimmed down) with my word of the year on it. I white washed over the canvas to make it more shabby. I also added some butterflies that were die cut from monoprints made with the Gel Press.

In the photo below you can see that I also added a bit of paint and Pigment Powder to the wings, and I also outlined them with alcohol markers from Spectrum Noir.

You can see the shimmer from the gold Pigment Powder really well in this photo. You can still see the butterflies in the background but they are more muted now.

I stamped the Flower Bouquet image right onto the canvas with Mix'd Media Inx CHOX and even inked around the edges of the canvas with a couple different colors.

Links to product used:

Donna Salazar with Scrapbook Adhesives by 3L®

Girlie Grunge Art Medium

Girlie Grunge Gauze

Girlie Grunge Twine

Pigment Powder Gold

Dodz XL

Scrapbook Adhesives by 3L®

Dodz Adhesive Dots - Medium

Dodz Adhesive Dots - 3D

Home & Hobby

Premium Double-Sided Tape 1/2"


Cascading Butterflies

Flower Bouquet Stamp & Die combo

Bitty Blossoms

Big Blossom

Art Doll Accessories Die Set

Art Doll Accessories Stamp Set


Mix'd Media Inx CHOX

Thanks for stopping by! Smooches ~D~

This blog is written by Donna Salazar and occasional Guest bloggers. All written content is the opinion on the products that each individual uses for their own creative style. These opinions are not to defame, humiliate or cause injury to anyone should you decide to act upon or use the information provided.

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