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My Girlie Grunge Planner by Donna Salazar

Hello my peeps! I wanted to share the planner that I created last year... but updated this year. I was going to make this a class but it is so random that it would be pretty hard to do. I "frankensteined" a mini 3 ring binder and just kinda found random bits and pieces to create the rest of it... plus I used my sewing machine. That by itself would make this a hard class to teach since I don't have a bunch of those lying around. So bonus for all of you... you get a FREE mini class right here on the blog!

This is the planner. It has denim, leather, cardboard, lace, glitter, and paint... All the things that make my Girlie Grunge heart go pitter pat!!! I'll share photos of the inside after the tutorial.

*I purchased inside pages for a Day Runner because they fit perfectly inside a 6x9 3 ring binder.

*I started by cutting the spine and front off of the binder.

*I cut a piece of denim that was about 1 inch larger than the back of the binder and added a slit to the denim that was centered over the 3 rings and just a touch shorter so that it would tuck under the metal.

*I placed the denim over the rings and slid the denim underneath the metal.

*I folded the denim away from the deconstructed folder then I used Premium Double Sided Adhesive from Home & Hobby to adhere the denim down.

*I used an embossing stylus to tuck the denim underneath the metal of the 3 rings hardware.

*I added more adhesive to the back of the folder and folded the denim around the edges.

*I added more adhesive under the denim on the left side of the metal hardware to adhere the denim.

*The back of the folder looked like the first photo at this point.

*I measured a piece of cardboard and cut it so that the corrugation lines were vertical and I rolled one side (which will be the spine of the planner).

*I cut denim and leather down to help create the cover but I measured it so that a portion of the cardboard will show underneath the denim on the front cover.

*I tore a long piece of denim to make a ribbon that will be used to close the planner and laid a piece of denim with a hem under the deconstructed folder.

*I lifted the folder away and laid a piece of leather under the denim hem.

*I added some Premium Double Sided Tape to the leather then laid the ribbon over the top. The ribbon extends to the right of the leather by about 18".

*I added more of the adhesive under the denim where the spine will be.

*I folded the denim up and added more adhesive on the edges of the leather.

*I then adhered the leather to the denim.

*I sewed all along the edge of the denim and leather as well as over the area where the denim ribbon stretches across the back.

*I adhered some cardboard that will be exposed on the front cover, underneath the denim and leather.

*I cut a hole in the cardboard and pushed a metal button (from button fly jeans) through the hole.

*I tried to make sure that the button was snugly in the hole.

*I wrapped a piece of string around the shank of the button on the inside of the cover.

*I tied the string in a knot.

*I placed adhesive over the button shank inside the cover.

*I also placed adhesive on the back of a leather patch from a pair of Levis.

*I placed the patch over the button shank (I later changed this to an entire pocket from a pair of Levis).

*I wrapped more string around the shank of the button on the outside of the cover.

*I wrapped the string around several times very tightly then tied it in a knot. This lifted the button up enough for me to be able to wrap the denim ribbon around to hold the planner closed.

*I added more adhesive to the end of the cardboard cover that will be covered with denim and leather.

*I lined up the cardboard.

*Then I smoothed the denim and leather over the top of the adhesive.

*I added more adhesive to hold the very edge of the denim and leather down.

*I cut a strip of denim to the width of the exposed spine inside the planner and added adhesive to it.

*I placed the denim down and pressed it firmly into the cover.

*I added a LOT of adhesive to the denim covered deconstructed folder then placed it over the leather.

*I added more adhesive to the edge of the back of the planner.

*I then added a piece of torn denim hem.

*I used a Crop-A-Dile to punch holes in the 4 corners of the back of the planner.

*I punched through all the layers... the folder, the denim and the leather.

*I added snaps (or rivets) to each of the corners to help keep it secure.

*I added adhesive to the back of a piece of my Lace Ribbon that was long enough to fully wrap all the way around the edge of the cover.

*I began wrapping from the inside and went all the way around the edge with 3/4 of the lace hanging off and adhering to itself.

*I then burnished my Twinkle Dust Glitter into the exposed adhesive to create a glittery lace edge.

*I tore away some of the top layer of the cardboard (I also added a bit of white paint later)

*I added a cover page that was made with die cut flowers (using my Rose Creations dies), glitter, and Home & Hobby's laminating pages.

*The photo of the inside of the cover shows the pocket that I added at a later date.

I added some paper that was in my Franklin Covey planner as well as another divider page made with the Home & Hobby laminating pages. I added Girlie Grunge Gauze, Lace Ribbon, and Pigment Powder covered butterflies (made with my Cascading Butterflies dies) to the inside of this one and used Girlie Grunge Art Medium to stiffen the gauze that extends beyond the edge of the lamination. I added the denim hem with rivets on the outside of the page.

I made a placeholder with the one from my old Franklin Covey planner and strips from prints I had made on the Gel Press.

I used some of the dividers and important papers as well as business card holders that were also in my old Franklin Covey planner.

This is a view of the back of the planner.

Links to Product Used:

Scrapbook Adhesives by 3L®

Lace Ribbon

Girlie Grunge Gauze

Girlie Grunge Art Medium

Pigment Powder


Rose Creations

Cascading Butterflies


Twinkle Dust Glitter

Home & Hobby

Premium Double Sided Adhesive

Gel Press®

various Gel Press plates

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