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Refashioned Denim Laptop Case by Donna Salazar

Hello my peeps. Today I'm going to share some photos of my refashioned laptop case. It was THE HARDEST sewing project I've ever done and in the end I had to add a denim seam around the edges (to hide my mistakes) with some of Home & Hobby's Extreme Double-Sided Tape. Did you know that if you iron over denim that has been adhered with this magic stuff that it increases the strength of the adhesive... I experimented and found this out!!! I don't have a tutorial for you but I can share these photos. Enjoy!!!

Here is a look at the case with my laptop peeking out of the top (I have a custom skin that was made from one of my most favorite paintings that I've ever made with a clear case over it).

This is a photo of the side I altered.

Of course I had to add some Lace Ribbons and some Twinkle Dust glitter!!!

Here is a angled view...

This is a boring shot but I wanted to show how well the adhesive is holding the hem on the edges.

I also used the adhesive to hold the pocket onto the cover. I'm not going to put large bulky things in it so I figured it would be safe to adhere it this way.

And just in case you are curious... here is a photo of the side I didn't alter. Yes... those are paint splatters on the leather and no... I didn't put them there on purpose... LOL! It's hard for anything that I use on a regular basis to NOT have paint on it. You should see my camera... it's reedonkulous!!!

Links to product used:

Donna Salazar with Scrapbook Adhesives by 3L®

Lace Ribbons

Home & Hobby

Extreme Double-Sided Tape 1/2"


Twinkle Dust Glitter - Pralines & Cream

Thanks for stopping by! Smooches ~D~

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