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Jalepeño Popper Pizza Appetizers

Hello my peeps! Today I'm sharing the recipe for these little bites of spicy delight!!! I found this recipe on the Pampered Chef site and made it according to their recipe... the first time. Then, of course, I had to add in my own twist... basically more cheese and more bacon! I alter pretty much EVERY recipe I try. I also did a Facebook Live video of me making these and you can watch that here: Donna Salazar's Jalepeño Popper Pizza Appetizers

These are one of the appetizers that I make for my "Easy Entertaining" Pampered Chef cooking parties. I call it "Easy Entertaining" because it is easier to say than "Pinot, Popcorn, Pizza, Pasta & Puffs". We start the party with the Pinot Noir and the new Electric Wine Opener (actually it could be any kind of wine but Pinot Noir starts with a "P"). While I'm pouring the wine with the new Wine Aerator I've got popcorn cooking in the Microwave Popcorn Maker. We flavor the popcorn with a savory flavor, Ranch Popcorn Seasoning, and a sweet flavor, French Toast Popcorn Seasoning. Then I make these Jalepeño Popper Pizza Appetizers. The main dish is Chicken Bruschetta Penne Pasta and the dessert is Profiterole Cream Puffs. If this is a bit much for you we can cut some of the recipes out or do something else all together!

If you live close to me in Southern California and you want to have me come over and cook for your friends and family just shoot me an e-mail ( OR... you could also have a virtual party where I will cook some recipes and demo product while we play some virtual games... this all takes place on Facebook and is super easy peasy... and you don't need to clean your house or put on make up!

Here is the recipe card for the Jalepeño Popper Pizza Appetizers that you can download and print!

Here are the tools that are used for the Jalepeño Popper Pizzas:

Forged Santoku Knife

Baker's Roller

Large White Round Stone

Rockcrok Everyday Pan

Flexible Cutting Mat Set

Manual Food Processor

Microplane® Adjustable Course Grater

Classic Batter Bowl

Small Scoop

I hope you like this recipe! Enjoy!!! Smooches ~D~

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