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A FINISHED Art Journal by Donna Salazar

Hello my peeps! I am very proud of myself. I actually FINISHED an art journal! I have started several... in fact the one I'm sharing with you was started in January of 2015... yep... 2 years ago. I started playing with my Gel Press (like ALL THE TIME) and it made it quite easy to actually finish. It took me a few months to finish this (minus the few pages in front that were started before).

To make the Journal Cover I decoupaged old book covers and even stiffened the denim and Lace Ribbon with my Girlie Grunge Art Medium from Scrapbook Adhesives by 3L®. I did my peeled paint technique and then added a couple monoprints made with my Splattered Circles embossing folders from Spellbinders®. I used some of my old discontinued dies from Spellbinders® for the flower shadows (still one of my faves) as well as butterflies from my newer Cascading Butterflies die. I cut some manilla folders down and used them for the pages, stitching them together using the coptic stitch (something I learned in a Tim Holtz class years ago). I decoupaged each print to the pages as well as the quotes using diluted Girlie Grunge Art Medium.

This is a photo of the open book. I must say... I feel like I need to pat myself on the back every time I look at it. I feel like I really overcame an artistic obstacle by finishing this!!!

I did a Facebook Live video of me going through all the pages this morning.

You can see it here: Donna Salazar's Art Journal - Facebook Live

I'll share some of my favorite pages for you now... The page below was a "clean up" print which is why there is random strips of various colors (these are my personal favorites).

The pattern on this print was made with my Medallions embossing plate from Spellbinders®. I keep 2 of each design in my supplies. One is clean, to use in my die cut machine, and one is all painty to use on my Gel Press plates.

The pattern on this print was made with bubble wrap. The splatters were an experiment. I splattered some of my old sparkly watercolor paint onto the plate and it came up on the print. I was pretty happy!

This is another print using bubble wrap. I think I might use bubble wrap more than any other texture. I LOVE it!

This was another "clean up" print. I love the randomness.

My favorite plate size is the 12"x14" and I use 11"x17" printer paper to pull prints. So when I cut the prints down to fit into this journal I ended up with several strips of awesome looking prints and I decided to weave them together to make this page. I was pretty happy with the way it turned out.

I think out of all the pages, this one is my MOST favorite. I love the bubble wrap, the grid (made with some metal mesh), the larger stars were made with chipboard stars that I made into a stamp specifically for my Gel Press, and the smaller stars were done afterward with my E-Z Stars Runner from Scrapbook Adhesives by 3L® and I heat embossed them with clear embossing powder mixed with my Gold Pigment Powder (also from Scrapbook Adhesives by 3L®).

This page is one of my favorites because it has my most favorite bible verse on it. The word "transform" was done on the plate before I pulled the print with special chipboard letter stamps I made for the Gel Press.

This photo doesn't do this print justice. The colors on it are so incredibly pretty and subtle.

My hubby really likes this page... it's his colors. I made the background with more of those chipboard letter stamps. I put a whole bunch of them on a large shipping tag with the letters going in all different directions and this is the exact look that I was hoping for.

This print was also made with my Medallions embossing folder. I just love these colors.

And this is the last print I'm sharing. It is hard to tell in the photo but I was trying to pick up a strip on the edge of the plate that was several layers of paint thick. I added more paint, stamped over it with my Embroidered Flowers stamp (a stamp die combo) from Spellbinders® and it picked up all the thick multicolored paint that was on the edge.

I hope you enjoyed this look at my art journal. If you haven't created an art journal because it seemed like too much work, you might want to try the Gel Press products. They are so much fun and make creating beautiful backgrounds and textures so easy... and FAST!

Links to product used:

Gel Press - 12"x14" reusable printing plate

Donna Salazar with Scrapbook Adhesives by 3L®

Lace Ribbon

E-Z Stars Runner

Gold Pigment Powder

Girlie Grunge Art Medium


Medallions embossing folder

Splattered Circles embossing folder

Cascading Butterflies

Embroidered Flowers Stamp Die Combo

Thanks for stopping by! Smooches ~D~

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