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Alphas On The Gel Press

Hello my peeps! I've been having such a great time with my Gel Press and I've found a way to put to use all my extra chipboard alphabet stickers on my Gel Press! I used up a ton of my aging stash (that have been sitting around gathering dust) and made words and background textures that can be used on the Press over and over again. I just adhered the letters onto large shipping tags then cut around the edges. I finished them by adding a thick coat of Girlie Grunge Art Medium to help the letters stay adhered to the background as well as make sure that the top layer of the letters won't stick to the paint on the Gel Press. You want to stamp words that are readable for the words to be readable on your monoprints. You just put the words face down onto the plate and gently press into the wet paint.

Here is one of the monoprints I pulled using a bunch of star chipboard stickers.

This print has the word "transform" at the bottom.

For this print I used one of the background textures I made.

After I made all these words I realized that my little tin of textures that I use for my Gel Press projects wasn't going to hold them all... so I sewed a random little pouch to hold it all! I used some old tattered jeans and lace for the outside.

I used an adorable flower material for the inside!

This is the back of the pouch. I love how torn up it looks!!!

And here is one more photo of all the words and backgrounds that I made.

I hope you love this idea as much as I do! Thanks for stopping by! Smooches ~D~

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