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Happy New Year From Donna!!!

Happy New Year everyone! Today is New Years Eve and I have the house all to myself... at least for this morning. Hunter went to stay with his other grandma for the weekend and everyone else is at work. It is VERY RARE that I get the entire house to myself for even 5 minutes lately. With 5 adults and a toddler... this house is always teeming with activity.

So, you may be wondering, why the photo of food. Well, it is after 1:00 PM as I write this and I have just eaten this amazing breakfast sandwich. I love food... and photos of something delicious like this just makes me happy. I had one of those mornings when I got up and started something before I ate which resulted in me not eating anything until after 1:00. If you are an artist or a creative soul I'm sure you are feeling me on this. It's funny because I had someone on Facebook ask if I was posting any paper crafts anymore... because all I've been posting is food photos. I'm still crafting but I eat 3 meals a day (on a good day) which gives me more opportunity to take food photos than the projects that take me days to finish sometimes. And... a lot of stuff I'm doing is secret, because of CHA which is coming up (much faster than I'd like).

So, do you want to see a peek at what caused me to eat breakfast at lunchtime? Here it is in all it's glory... my crazy chaotic studio. I started a reorganization over a year ago and never finished. I had a couple big things that I had to prep for and with an autistic toddler running around I couldn't find time to finish... well any toddler running around would have been a distraction, autism or not. I have boxes of product and class supplies all over the floor too. But with Hunter at his other grandma's house... this is how I'll be spending my New Years Eve... and probably New Years Day too... LOL!

And does anyone else see feel like my hair and glasses are channeling Sally Fields in "Hello My Name Is Doris"? LOL!

Thanks for stopping by!!! Smooches ~D~

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