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I'm a Pampered Chef

I had my very first LIVE Pampered Chef party at my house on Friday. It was a lot of fun and I learned so much. The party has closed but I thought I'd share the Facebook Live video for everyone. The window to get products in time for Christmas has closed (unless you want to pay extra for expedited shipping) but if you want to order some of the products that we demonstrated you can do so here: Donna's Pampered Chef Site

Here is the link to the video if you'd like to watch: Donna's Pampered Chef Party

The products that we talked about are listed below in the order that we talked about them on the video. You can click on the PHOTOS to get more info and/or order items. Ideally, you can watch the video in one screen and switch back and forth with the links in this post if you want more info about an item. Just so you know... you can add these items to a wish list on the website and then you can contact me about having your own party so you can earn some of them for FREE! Hosts never pay full price!!!

Stoneware Cookie Sheet - Item #1343

Medium Pizza Stone - Item #1341

Stainless Steel Scoop Small - Item #2530

Large White Round Stone - Item #1379

Stoneware Loaf Pan - Item #1417

Forged Steak Knives Set - Item #1058

Coated Chef's Knife - Item #1094

Deep Dish Pie Plate - Item #1447

Veggie Spiralizer - Item #1179

Quick-Stir® Pitcher - Item #2277

(Makes AMAZING diffused water... I put 3 cinnamon sticks and thin apple slices in mine for "Autumn Water")

Pie Crust Shield - Item #1715

Rotary Grater - Item #1277

Mix N Chop - Item #2583

(This is one of the items you can choose for FREE with a $75 order in December)

Salad Chopper - Item #2582

(These are FREE when you host a qualifying show in the beginning of January)

Cut N Seal - Item # 1195

(and here is a link to the video: Easy Caramel Apple Turnovers)

Close N Cut - Item #1118

Rockcrok Dutch Oven - Item #3140

Smooth-Edge Can Opener - Item #2759

Grill Pan Dinner Set - Item # 2604

Danny and I LOVE this!!! It makes amazing steak, pork chops, chicken... etc without going outside.

Flexible Cutting Mats - Item #1013

Large Grooved Cutting Board - Item #1023

Meat Tenderizer - Item #2705

Large Chef Tongs - Item #2955

Italian Seasoning - Item #9719

Food Chopper - Item #2585

Manual Food Processor - Item #2593

Mini Measure All Cup - Item #2236

Garlic Press - Item #2576

Kitchen Shears - Item #1088

Forged Santoku Knife - Item #1079

Classic Batter Bowl - Item #2431

Microplane® Adjustable Coarse Grater - Item #1129

(Danny talked to the Cheese Monger a.k.a. Cheese Expert at Pavillions and they told him that the fancy parmesan cheese he got was too hard to use in a shredder so that is why it took some effort in the video)

Stoneware Entertaining Set - Item #1479

This is the link for the set but you can purchase these items individually

Toaster Oven Pan - Item #1448

Toaster Tongs - Item #2571

Season's Best Cookbook - Item #1994

Thanks for stopping by! I hope that you enjoyed watching my Pampered Chef party!!! Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions!

Smooches ~D~

This blog is written by Donna Salazar and occasional Guest bloggers. All written content is the opinion on the products that each individual uses for their own creative style. These opinions are not to defame, humiliate or cause injury to anyone should you decide to act upon or use the information provided.

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