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Sometimes It's Best To Keep Quiet...

I didn't know who Tony A. Gaskins Jr. was until I Googled him after reading this quote on Pinterest but the man has a way with words! (He is a motivational speaker, in case you were wondering). Anyway, I felt that this was a very fitting quote after the the kind of day that I had had and I just had to share it. By the way, I made the quote on my phone with an app called Red Stamp. They don't have any idea who I am and I'm not getting paid to use their app... I just thought I'd give them a shout out since I used their app to make the quote then added it to one of my wood backgrounds.

Back to my story... Yesterday was one heck of a day, let me tell you! It is that time of the month when I'm just a little more testy than usual but seriously, so much "life" happened that I was taken to the breaking point and it wasn't all hormone induced. I had a productive morning but as soon as Hunter got off the bus the day started going south. He was in a great mood and being his normal sweet self but I guess I was distracted because so much happened that I could have avoided.

We are still potty training so I had him on the potty watching videos on my phone (the iPad was charging) and I heard a box dropped on the doorstep. I'd been eagerly awaiting my Pampered Chef box so I did the one thing that I NEVER do... I left Hunter sitting on the potty by himself. The front door is on the other side of the restroom wall so I wasn't going far. I opened the door and pulled the boxes in then went back to the restroom to find Hunter standing and holding my iPhone with WATER DRIPPING FROM IT! Seriously... I had taken MAYBE 20 seconds to open the door and come back. So... I grabbed the phone and ran to the kitchen to throw it in rice. Side note... he hadn't gone potty so the phone had been in clean water. At this point Hunter is running around butt naked and upset that he can't have my phone back. I wasn't mad at Hunter... it wasn't his fault, I never should have left him alone with my phone sitting over a large amount of water. Ugh... what was I thinking?

After I got my phone in rice I took him back to the restroom and put him in a new Pull-Up. He was being a good boy and pulling up with me (we are working on getting him to dress himself). After I got his pants on I went to throw the old Pull-up in the bin out the back door. He picked up his bottle of bubbles and I asked if he wanted to play with the bubbles. As I walked back into the house I saw him shaking the bottle of bubbles... WITH NO LID! What in the heck?!?! So now bubbles were all over the carpet. At least the bottle was almost empty. So now I'm cleaning up the bubbles on my hands and knees... Again, this wasn't Hunter's fault. What was I thinking letting him hold the bottle of bubbles without supervision when he just figured out how to open bottles by himself?

My son (Hunter's dad) got home shortly afterward and Hunter's Autism therapy was starting so I was able to explain to my hubby (as he walked in the door from work) what happened with the phone and that I had to go to the Apple store to get a new one. He and I were both exhausted. He starts work at 6:00 so I've been getting up at 5:00 every morning to make him breakfast before he leaves. He doesn't expect me to do it but I KNOW my hubby and if I don't feed him he will get busy and won't eat until 1 or 2 in the afternoon which is so bad for his health... and I kinda like him and want to keep him around so I do it for selfish reasons. Anyway, I talked him into going with me to the Apple store (after a hormone induced mini tantrum on my part). Even though he injured his foot and it hurts to walk on it, he said he would go with me because it was getting dark and I didn't have a phone to let anyone know if something were to happen.

We got to the Apple store and they told us it would be an HOUR AND A HALF wait... Ugh again!!! And it's dinner time so we were both hungry. I suggested the Nordstrom Cafe because it was the closest thing and we could get him off his feet while we waited (and stop our stomachs from growling). We got a small cup of "Chicken Pot Pie Soup" (yes it was delicious) and ordered a Margherita Pizza. So at this point I'm tired, hungry, hormonal, feeling guilty about our argument, irritated that we have to wait so long to get a new phone, and our server came to tell us the pizza's were backed up. But we just rolled with it and we were sweet to the gal. She gave my hubby a free cup of soup while we waited because she felt bad. The day had been frustrating and we both were not happy but we started cracking jokes with each other and with our server and everything started to feel lighter.

Then, halfway through our meal, this crotchety old guy sat next to us with his wife. They both seemed miserable but I tried to not pay much attention to them. They seemed to eat pretty much in silence and I felt bad for them. There were a lot of people in the Cafe, probably doing their Christmas shopping, and there were some kids that were tired and fussing. When I hear kids crying I think "Awww... I wish I could help". But this guy... OH... This guy said "They should just smack that kid". WHOA NOW!!! OK, I haven't shared a lot about me on this blog before but let me just tell you... when it comes to kids I have such a hard time keeping my mouth shut. And my emotions aren't on my sleeve... they are written in bold letters ALL. OVER. MY. FACE. So I turned my body so they couldn't see me and had to seriously calm myself down. I mean, REALLY?!?! You have an upset child (and from the sound of it they were infant to toddler age) and your solution is to SMACK the upset child?

Well, this story ends well... I actually did keep my mouth shut. They probably thought I was some weird twitchy lady if they were watching me twist about in my seat, but I had to keep turning away because, YES, he did say it multiple times. I knew that confronting a crotchety old man and his miserable wife was not going to have a happy ending for anyone. I'm just glad that even with all the craziness that happened, my hubby and I were able to rise above, laugh at ourselves, and turn a bad situation into a mini (albeit) less than ideal date night.

P.S. I got my phone replaced and all is well in the world!

P.S.S. I also have a big box of new Pampered Chef toys so things are very right in my world!!!

Thanks for stopping by and listening to my rambling!

Smooches ~D~

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