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Easy Peasy Chocolate Mousse

I love Chocolate Mousse. It is seriously one of my favorite desserts. It's chocolate, it's creamy, it's light and fluffy... it's heaven!!! And if you have the opportunity... chocolate mousse in your coffee... TO. DIE. FOR.

The chocolate mousse in these photos was made with the Whip Cream Maker from Pampered Chef Item # 1461 $25.00


Heavy Whipping Cream (less than 1 cup)

Hershey's Chocolate Syrup

Pepperidge Farm Pastry Shells cooked according to instructions


Fill the Pampered Chef Whip Cream Maker glass with COLD heavy whipping cream to about 1/4 inch below the fill line.

Add chocolate syrup until the ingredients touch the bottom of the fill line.

Secure the top of the Whip Cream Maker to the top of the cup then pump handle for about 45 seconds so that it really thickens up.

Fill the cooked pastry shells with chocolate mousse and drizzle more chocolate sauce over the top... ENJOY!!!

I hope you've enjoyed this recipe!!!

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