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Girlie Grunge Art Medium - Donna's Five Fave Techniques

Hello my peeps! There are so many different ways to use my Girlie Grunge Art Medium and today I'm going to show you my Five Favorite Techniques in alphabetical order. I've been wanting to do this blog post for a really long time and I finally had enough time to get it done. I'm really happy with the way it all came together. I hope you like these 5 tutorials!!!

Girlie Grunge Art Medium Technique #1 - Decoupage

I love that this medium is water based so that you can easily dilute it. I always keep at least 2 jars on my work bench, one that is full strength and one that is diluted for decoupage (I do a ton of decoupage). You can dilute it equal parts medium and water or if you like it just a bit thicker you can use 2 parts medium to 1 part water (my personal favorite).

I decoupaged some circles that were die cut with my Cascading Circles die from Spellbinders out of pages that were made with paint and stencils on my Gel Press.

When you decoupage you want to paint a layer of Girlie Grunge Art Medium onto the surface...

Then place your paper over the Girlie Grunge Art Medium and add another layer over the top.

Repeat for the other circles.

Decoupage a Cascading Circles die cut from kraft card stock in the same way, cut off the excess and dry with a heat gun.

You can ink right over the dried Girlie Grunge Art Medium! I added Bluejay Mix'd Media Inx CHOX...

And Sparrow Mix'd Media Inx CHOX.

To finish the tag I added a denim bow that was stiffened with undiluted Girlie Grunge Art Medium (technique later in this post).

Girlie Grunge Art Medium Technique #2 - Glaze

You can use Girlie Grunge Art Medium to make your own paint and glaze when mixed with my Pigment Powders. You will use the diluted medium that we used to decoupage and mix with a straight color of Pigment Powder or with a mixture of Pigment Powders.

Add a small amount of Blue Pigment Powder to a palette then pour some diluted Girlie Grunge Art Medium over it. You want a mixture of 1 part Pigment Powder to 3 parts diluted medium for glaze.

Mix the glaze with a paintbrush.

Completely cover your background with the glaze. This is my Embroidered Flowers stamp and die set from Spellbinders that I stamped with Mix'd Media Inx CHOX.

You can create your own custom colors. To get this green I used the ratio 2 parts Gold and 1 part Blue (mixing into the blue glaze I already mixed).

Mix the glaze with a paintbrush.

You can use the glaze to color only specific spots.

Mix another color of glaze using my Wine Pigment Powder.

Color the center flower with it.

Use the rest of the green glaze to color a tag. After drying the image and the tag use 3D Foam Squares to adhere the die cut image to the tag.

To finish the tag I added a bow tied with my Lace Ribbon and stiffened with undiluted Girlie Grunge Art Medium.

Girlie Grunge Art Medium Technique #3 - Image Transfer

Now this has got to be one of the COOLEST and most artistic techniques that you can do with this medium. I have a long tutorial making a wooden sign with this technique.

You can view it here: Image Transfer with Girlie Grunge Art Medium by Donna Salazar

You will want to use a photo that is printed onto matte photo paper or cardstock.

Paint an even layer of undiluted Girlie Grunge Art Medium on the surface.

Place your image face down onto the Girlie Grunge Art Medium and smooth out any bubbles.

Use a heat gun to dry the front and the back. Make sure that the medium is completely dry before you move on to the next step.

Wet the back of the photo with water and rub your hand over the paper until the paper pulp starts to roll. Keep swiping the rolled paper off your surface as you go.

As you remove the paper pulp your image will start to show up more clearly; however, if you dry it with a heat gun...

You will see that there is still quite a bit of paper pulp that will cloud your image. Drying the image periodically will also help to keep the medium dry and prevent your picture from having holes in it.

When you dry your image and there is minimum cloudiness you are done!

Add a bit of dry brushed white paint and Mix'd Media Inx CHOX around the edges of the tag.

I finished the tag by adding a denim bow that I stiffened with undiluted Girlie Grunge Art Medium.

Girlie Grunge Art Medium Technique #4 - Splatter

This technique can be used with any type of liquid color but when used with Girlie Grunge Art Medium and Pigment Powders you get a sparkly 3 dimensional splatter that is super pretty!

Decoupage a book page onto the tag then dry brush with white paint.

Use the remaining green glaze to paint over the whole tag then dry with a heat gun.

Ink around the edges with my Mix'd Media Inx CHOX.

Mix 2 parts Pink and 1 part Gold Pigment Powder together.

Add an equal amount of diluted Girlie Grunge Art Medium and mix it with a fan paint brush.

Hit the handle of the paintbrush onto the opposite hand, holding the brush 3-4 inches from the tag.

Dry with a heat gun and the opaque color will change to clear and sparkly.

To finish this tag I added Lace Ribbon with Premium Double Sided Tape and Twinkle Dust Glitter to the bottom of the tag. I stamped, cut out and inked the edges of the words "Be Transformed" using my Journal Words Stamp set from Spellbinders. I adhered 3 double layer butterflies together with Girlie Grunge Art Medium. These were die cut using my Cascading Butterflies die. I also added a bow made from my Lace Ribbons to the top of the tag.

Girlie Grunge Art Medium Technique #5 - Stiffen

This might be the one technique that I use over and over and over again! I stiffen everything from lace, to denim to doilies that I've made into bowls (You can see that blog post here: Girlie Grunge Lace Bowls). I've used this technique for the finishing touches for several of the tags in this post.

Paint the tag with the remaining rose gold paint (that was made for the splatters) and dry it with a heat gun. Die cut 3 large and 2 small roses out of various different denims using my Jumbo Rose steel rule die from Spellbinders.

Paint both the front and the back of all of the denim flower die cuts using undiluted Girlie Grunge Art Medium.

Completely dry the denim flowers with a heat gun.

Once the flowers are dry you can wrinkle the petals.

Stack the die cuts together with the larger flowers on the bottom making sure that the petals are offset.

Add several flower stamens through the hole in the center of the flower.

Trim the ends of the stamens, fold over and adhere with several Dodz Adhesive Dots XL.

Adhere the flower to the center of the tag.

Paint undiluted Girlie Grunge Art Medium across the top of the tag.

Add a bow tied with Lace Ribbon and paint a thick layer of Girlie Grunge Art Medium over the whole bow inside and out.

Dry with a heat gun and the bow will be stiff.

Dip a piece of loopy lace from the Lace Ribbon pack directly into undiluted Girlie Grunge Art Medium, roll and squeeze the lace to evenly distribute the medium.

Paint a layer of Girlie Grunge Art Medium across the bottom of the tag.

Pinch the lace to make ruffles.

Use a paintbrush to lift the ends up.

Wrap the ends around the back, paint medium over them and dry with a heat gun but hold the tag as you dry it so that you don't flatten the ruffles on the front.

Dry the lace on the front of the tag and the ruffled lace will be stiff.

And this is the finished tag!

And here is a view of all the tags together.

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I hope you enjoyed these tutorials!

Thanks for stopping by!

Smooches ~D~

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