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Girlie Grunge Mixed Media Storage by Donna Salazar

Hello my lovely peeps! I've got another Girlie Grunge project to share with you today. I have an obsession for unique and artistic storage for my studio and I would estimate that I've made more than half of the storage in my studio.

I love how wonky and crazy looking this project turned out. It's because I handmade the sliding drawers and the chest from cardboard and chipboard and I'm not a huge fan of measuring... though I did do a little bit on this project. I decoupaged the chest with book pages and diluted Girlie Grunge Art Medium. I then made a glaze for the outside with diluted Girlie Grunge Art Medium and my Pigment Powder in Brown.

The front of the drawers are also glazed with diluted Girlie Grunge Art Medium with Pink and Gold Pigment Powders. The butterflies were die cut from book pages using my Cascading Butterflies die from Spellbinders® which gives you the cascading frame of the butterflies as well as 9 die cut butterflies in one pass through the machine.

I dipped pieces of my Lace Ribbon into my Girlie Grunge Art Medium and used my fingers to form the tab to the bottom front of the drawers. They dried fairly quickly which made it easy to keep the loop shape.

The drawers were made with chipboard and were a bit flimsy so I adhered some of my Denim Ribbons inside each drawer with Girlie Grunge Art Medium so when it dried it stiffened the edges of the drawers and made them more sturdy... plus it looks pretty cool too.

This project will be on display at the Sierra Pacific Crafts Mixed Media Event July 2016.

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Cascading Butterflies

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