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4th Of July Canvas Banner Tutorial by Donna Salazar

Hello my lovely peeps! Happy Independence Day!!! Today I've got a quick photo tutorial for you. I saw a red white and blue canvas banner on Pinterest and it totally inspired me to make this banner using my Pennant Set from Donna Salazar with Scrapbook Adhesives by 3L®.

I started by adding Crafty Power Tape (in semi straight lines... I don't like measuring) to one of the canvas panels from my Pennant Set and then I used a bone folder (I didn't clean it for the picture... LOL) to make sure that the tape was really pressed into the canvas.

On my first try I didn't use the shipping tags to "contain" the Pigment Powder and let's just say it was just a tad messy. So on this second try I left the liner on the stripes of adhesive that I wasn't working on and I used these shipping tags as a stencil.

I brushed the pigment right over the exposed adhesives to get my red lines. I used my Pigment Powder in Wine... which is perfect because wine and the 4th of July go perfectly together!!! LOL!!!

Once I was finished the lines looked like the photo below. There was still a little extra Pigment Powder but it was much more contained.

I used a small paint brush and painted over the canvas but I made sure that the canvas still showed through in several spots so that my panels would look kind of distressed.

When I was done with the painted lines the panel looked like the photo below.

I used one of the denim colored chambray panels (that also come in the Pennant Set) cut it into quarters then cut off the stitched edging.

I used Home & Hobby's Premium Double Sided Tape in the 1" size on the back of the rectangle...

Then adhered it to the top right corner of the panel.

I used my Girlie Grunge Art Medium (diluted by half with water) and brushed over the entire panel.

I needed the chambray to have a coating over it because I am adding my E-Z Stars which is a double sided adhesive runner with star shapes and they don't normally like sticking directly to material that isn't coated. I also needed to make sure that it was completely dry before adding the stars because adhesives don't like sticking to wet material either.

I added the E-Z Stars in a random pattern (yes... I know there aren't enough stars for the actual flag but this is just a cute little home decor item and I didn't think it mattered). I sprinkled my Twinkle Dust Glitter in Sugar Shimmer over the stars and used my finger to burnish the glitter into the adhesive.

I used undiluted Girlie Grunge Art Medium across the top of the panel...

Then placed a piece of the loopy lace from my Lace Ribbons set over the adhesive and painted another generous layer of Girlie Grunge Art Medium over the top and let it dry.

I tied the banner together with my Girlie Grunge Twine, Tied bows with the organza ribbon in my Texture Ribbons pack and added a small bow tied from more of my Girlie Grunge Twine. Then I heated the bows so they would get wonky. That is one of the awesome things about my organza... it is very thick and won't disintegrate and get holes in it when you heat it.

And this is the finished banner!!!

Here is a close up of one of the panels.

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