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Mixed Media "Alice In Wonderland" Dress Form by Donna Salazar

Hello my lovely peeps. I am totally in love with Alice in Wonderland. I think the reason why I love it so much is because she is a "normal" person without any superpowers, she isn't part fairy, and she wasn't born to rule this or that kingdom. And yet... she still had the most amazing adventure in an alternate realm of reality. She is exactly who I wanted to be when I was little and I never stopped loving the story.

I am obsessed with all things "Alice" now, especially since the new movies have come out and are so amazingly colorful and artistic to watch. One of my favorite characters is Cheshire Cat... because he is just so freaking cool. This year I began collecting pins from Disneyland... well I actually haven't purchased even a single one but my daughter and daughter in law both work at Disneyland and they are always buying me Alice in Wonderland and Cheshire Cat pins... My lanyard is actually overflowing already! Eventually I'm going to make a Girlie Grunge denimy lanyard to hold them all.

So back to the dress form... I had made a dress form last year that was blue and I decided to make the skirt more fluffy. I was going to add color to it later but when I saw the blue top with the white skirt I instantly thought of Alice. So I made the skirt into an apron and added a teacup charm to create my Alice In Wonderland inspired mixed media dress form.

I couldn't have made this dress form without my Girlie Grunge Art Medium. This stuff has SOOOO many uses!!! It honestly is a MUST for your mixed media supplies. It dries clear, smooth, and never tacky. It easily blends with water. When diluted it has a matte finish. One coat undiluted will give you a semi glossy finish, two coats and more will give you a glossy finish. This one jar of medium works as a strong craft glue. It can be diluted with water to make an ideal decoupage medium and sealer. It can be used undiluted to stiffen and sculpt paper and material. It can be mixed with Pigment Powder to create paint and the paint can be diluted with water to create a glaze. It can also be used in more artistic techniques like image transfer (link to blog post: Image Transfer with Girlie Grunge Art Medium)

I was able to get the fullness in the skirt by dipping my Girlie Grunge Gauze into my Girlie Grunge Art Medium. I then draped it over the skirt and used my hands to smooth and form the Gauze to the top of the skirt. I then used a heat gun with a palette knife holding the bottom edge of the Gauze in different positions. When you remove the heat and the palette knife the material stays in place!!!

I colored the top of the dress with a glaze made with my Pigment Powder in Blue mixed with my Girlie Grunge Art Medium. I decoupaged book pages onto the dress form using my Girlie Grunge Art Medium as well and then added a glaze made from a mix of my Gold and Pink Pigment Powders with the Girlie Grunge Art Medium diluted with water.

I tied the teacup charm to the pearls with my Girlie Grunge Twine and stiffened the bow with my Girlie Grunge Art Medium as well.

This dress form will be on display at the Sierra Pacific Crafts Mixed Media Event in July of 2016.

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