I am so excited about having my own color collection of Smooch Spritz.

The first time I tried Smooch Spritz I was AMAZED at the amount of

COLOR they managed to pack into these cute little bottles! I was through

the roof when I found out that I would be getting my own color line!

There are 8 colors that you can buy in a pack or individually:

Pralines & Cream, Caramel Latte, Sea Breeze, Green Olive, Tea Party,

River Mossy, Wood Stain & Mixed Berries

I’ve always LOVED glitter. I love to mix it with grungey things to create my signature Girlie Grunge look. This glitter is beautiful whether you use it with grungey items or not. Two of the colors match my Smooch Spritz (Mixed Berries & Pralines & Cream). I think one of the things that people love about this glitter is that it comes in these

adorable shaker bottles!

I LOVE embossing. I probably emboss on over half of my projects! These powders are awesome. They come in all the same colors as the Mix'd Media Inx. The "Leather" color has a touch of metallic in it and the "Denim" color is a dark blue so you can use it with your "Denim" inx to make your projects really look like denim.

Emboss Gloss is in the same smart container as the Glue Gloss but with embossing fluid instead! Now we can use the little wand for some detailed embossing in the way that I "tried" to use the Glue Gloss. The Glue Gloss would bubble up sometimes which gave my projects a really cool texture but sometimes I want smooth embossing... KWIM? And NOTHING beats Glue Gloss used with my Fairydust Glitter!

Mix’d Media Inx Re-Inkers